Challenge - $20 to the best bracket!

Created By: Jeremy

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$20 goes to the winner. No entry fee. Email if you win.

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Phillip's Bracket, Parker Lovett 390 Cavaliers View
BUCKEYES to the ship, Ddpoole7 370 Cavaliers View
kishonath, kishonath 370 Cavaliers View
Raslela Researves , Erassy 275 Warriors View
Obviously The Warriors Win, JayStarr1082 275 Warriors View
Dave's bracket, David Tam 270 Warriors View
FutureFlow, Sous Chef Jay 270 Warriors View
DubbCity, DW 260 Warriors View
Go TO, Colin Hill 255 Warriors View
Mine, TheKenwyne 255 Warriors View
Deadhead, Deadhead 250 Warriors View
abcd, Save The Meat Duck 245 Warriors View
NBA Playoff Predictions, David Salgado 245 Warriors View
alexnoob, alexnoob 240 Warriors View
pita_m, Pita 240 Warriors View
1, Taylor Jordan 240 Warriors View
feedmequick, feedmequick 240 Warriors View
Roy Hibbs n Tommy Tibs, LoudmouthLincoln 240 Warriors View
nirvilko, Vilko 240 Warriors View
w2, Ose Odufowokan 240 Warriors View
JordanMate, Jordan 235 Warriors View
Winner, Seviraseth 235 Warriors View
Educated Guess, IKingJeremy 235 Warriors View
Magnus, Magnus 235 Warriors View
warriors repeat, Ose Odufowokan 230 Warriors View
garrettastic, G Johnson 230 Warriors View
Chris, Chris 225 Warriors View
FUCKCURRY, Jeffrey 225 Warriors View
Win , XxFameNHonourxX 225 Warriors View
Hornets bandwagon, Heonsu Shin 220 Warriors View
Realistic , Simran Deol 215 Warriors View
BasketballGM, DramDemon 215 Warriors View
MarcusSmarticus, Cam Garrant 215 Warriors View
Numero uno, jsoliman 215 Warriors View
Winning Bracker, Hayk Yengibaryan 210 Warriors View
ABBracket, ABnumber88 205 Spurs View
Uno, Bulls2287 205 Warriors View
asdf, Jannik Wolsky 205 Warriors View
NOT THE WARRIORS, brichardson23 200 Thunder View
Alex_Lo80, Alex 200 Warriors View
GoSpurs, alexnoob 200 Spurs View
War, King_Stojakovic 195 Warriors View
Clutch Airball, Marcus Quirk 195 Spurs View
Parker's Bracket #1, Parker Lovett 195 Warriors View
Ball is Life, Narek 195 Warriors View
whiteboyzz, zach 190 Warriors View
Simplyunlucky, Jetmir Lekiqi 190 Warriors View
Spicy Curry, George Lee 190 Warriors View
not happening, Ose Odufowokan 190 Cavaliers View
Totally Gonna Happen, iiMajesticii 185 Warriors View, Jeremy 180 Spurs View
McJ, Joker McJoker 180 Warriors View
Bradini, Bradini 180 Thunder View
the-kid13, the-kid13 180 Thunder View
WARRIOR TRAIN, brichardson23 175 Warriors View
HotRhod's Picks, Ra Skelton 175 Spurs View
#BOLDAF, John 175 Warriors View
Parkers Upset Bracket, Parker Lovett 170 Hornets View
The Real, Sonny Smarts 160 Thunder View
Sean, Sean B 155 Spurs View
eightfigures, eightfigures 145 Heat View
RENEGADE26, RENEGADE26 145 Thunder View
Grit N Grindr, Jeffrey 140 Spurs View
haha, lolrandom 140 Thunder View
Banner 18, Devin Hays 130 Celtics View
Basketball GM, Tristan 125 Heat View
Count of Monta Ellis, Hindu 125 Spurs View
Chef Harden is much MUCH better than prime MJ, also fuck Kobe. #RedditIsFullOfFaggots #SportsMiscIsFullOfCucks, Mario Chalmers is the best PG of all time #GOATmers 120 Rockets View
Underneath, chipersim 115 Spurs View
GO SPURS!, AverageDPT 115 Spurs View
UpsetTime, alexnoob 50 Hornets View