The Based Gods of BBall

Created By: The Harde(n)st Road

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Based Gods, The Harde(n)st Road 25 Rockets View
THE Implication, Daryl 25 Rockets View
The Marrero Sombrero vs. El Mundo , Edward Dixon 25 Warriors View
Mark, Mark 25 Rockets View
take luck, Travis Jordan 25 Warriors View
Team Clutch, George Galvan 20 Warriors View
Ed is an illegitimate champ*on, Bernardo Cunha 20 Rockets View
PayDay, Renato 20 Warriors View
Robert Sarver's Muse, James Gannarelli 20 Warriors View
Zion is the Messiah, MADDENGOD 20 Warriors View
RoBotz N Yo Face, John Jordan 20 Warriors View
Meanwhile Harden was fouled, Benedict Santos 20 Rockets View
Boots n Shoots, Daniel Arredondo 20 Rockets View
Cajun~Nets, Cajun~Nets 10 Rockets View