Beta Theta Pi PC16

Created By: Matthew Morales

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Garbreezy, Jarret Garbrecht 25 Warriors View
Baugh, Baugh 25 Bucks View
Cambrobro, Cambro 25 Warriors View
pu55ydestroyer69, Austin McLean 25 Warriors View
Cales Bracket, Cale Powers 25 Warriors View
juuuuuuul, David 25 76ers View
Perfect Bracket, Grant Deaver 25 Warriors View
NutMan, Keith Nutter 25 Warriors View
fuxkkd, blakeboone 25 Warriors View
FUCK YOU TAEAM, boats-n-hoes 25 Bucks View
Sleazy, Garrett Thomas Reynolds 25 Warriors View
Jolazzz, Garcez 25 Warriors View
ThUnDeR r ThIcC, Jaxson Pinard 20 Thunder View
Brack it Up, Reid Upthegrove 20 Raptors View
ZachPowell, Zach Powell 20 Nuggets View
Winner winner chicken dinner, Thomas Bunting 20 Bucks View
DMENZ, DMENZ 20 Warriors View
Jack Heydenreich, Jack Heydenreich 20 Spurs View
Noah, Noah Ratcliffe 20 Warriors View
The Truth, E 20 Warriors View
Paul Pierce had a better career than D Wade, Nikiel Kim 20 Warriors View
Perfect, James Blanchard 20 Thunder View
Im scared, Connor Hurd 20 Bucks View
Nuggets, Baxter Hays 20 Nuggets View
Zaza goat don't @ me , Taeam Kang 20 Warriors View
Girod plays ball like a girl, Matthew Goodell 20 Rockets View
Charbonator, Joe Charboneau 10 Warriors View
Omar the Lizard, Connor Dunnill 10 Rockets View