Brussels Oracles

Created By: Xavier Hoornaert

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
X bracket, Xavier Hoornaert 65 Warriors View
Bracket Jeremy , Jeremy 65 Warriors View
DRose 4-evaaah, Adri 65 Warriors View
JOracle, Johan Van Santen 65 Warriors View
Bouil, Christophe 65 Warriors View
BrusselsFinest, Gaet 60 76ers View
Why not, JohnnyBoy Ng 60 Thunder View
Winter Is Coming!, Maikiboii 60 Warriors View
BucksYear, Lionel Barrera Da Silva 55 Bucks View
The Watcher , Francois Dumont 55 Warriors View
Toooo E.A.S.Y , Nico 55 Warriors View
What I think might happen , Pandizzy Pandificent 55 Warriors View
The real H2O, CED 50 Warriors View
C's all the way, Aladdin Ridouan 50 Celtics View