Feinberg’s Feinest

Created By: Alex Guzner

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
JaVale McGee’s Rat Tail , Mike Peabody 345 Warriors View
Sri, Sri Reddy 330 Warriors View
They do have a timeout, Ashwin Jaini 315 Warriors View
Lavar’s Disciple , Daniel 290 Warriors View
Al Gore Lives, Kenny Lee 285 Warriors View
Adam Morrison Appreciation Club, D-Liu 285 Warriors View
Bron or bust, Ryan schusler 250 Cavaliers View
Chef's nut-free curry, Stephan Kienzle 210 Cavaliers View
The winning bracket, Zach Zilber 205 76ers View
Aguz, Alex Guzner 200 Rockets View
RumbleUp, Gautham Upadrasta 180 Rockets View