Nothing Easy Podcast

Created By: Kunya

12 members

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Top 3 finishers make $$$ Entry Fee to be eligible for winnings is $20 Must submit entries and pay $20 by Monday games Friends and fans of the Nothing Easy Podcast!! Trust the Process Submit payment by Venmo to ilia-shatashvili if you want to be prize eligible

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Brooklyn Ballers, Misha 325 Warriors View
Trust My Bracket, Kunya 305 Warriors View
Bleecks , Alan Aydin 305 Warriors View
Raydin, Raydin 295 Warriors View
G Allen, G Allen 255 Warriors View
first, kkballer 250 Warriors View
Mark, Mark 205 Rockets View
John Ferry, John Ferry 195 Rockets View
Efficient German Bracket, The German 175 Raptors View
Marc Bracket, Marc Nichols 135 Rockets View
spaseeba, shadow 120 Rockets View
Hinkies Girl, Hinkies Girl 90 76ers View