Challengers NBA 2018

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Ka, Ka 335 Warriors View
Joshua, Joshua 300 Warriors View
Thijs, Thijs 300 Warriors View
Bas.,, Bas 285 Warriors View
Barack, Thomas 270 Warriors View
Kevs bracket, Kevin 205 Rockets View
bracketje, Tom 205 Rockets View
JaVale McGee, Marcelle 200 Rockets View
Vinnie’s bracket, Vincent 195 Rockets View
Max money to blow , Maxime Broekhof 185 Cavaliers View
Cavs kampioen, Coach 175 Cavaliers View
Nando, Nando#8 170 Rockets View
Kirsten, Kirsten 165 Cavaliers View
Dexter Hope, Dexter 160 Cavaliers View
NCK, Nick 155 Rockets View
Francis, Francis 155 Rockets View
The All-Knowing, Jamahl de Getrouwe 150 Rockets View
Janne, Janne 145 Raptors View
Jenny, Jenny 130 Rockets View
Fear the North, Kevin Noordanus 120 Raptors View
Greg, Goldnugget 0 Not selected View