2018 NBA playoff PAC

Created By: Daniel

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
LOL, Brian Lo 335 Warriors View
Mighty Rick's Picks, Rick Rotkosky 330 Warriors View
Game of Zones, Adam 320 Warriors View
Sleepy Picks, Mike Ho 320 Warriors View
The Process, Justin 285 Warriors View
Jason's winning, Jason Yang 280 Warriors View
Zhangm, Zhangm 280 Warriors View
αντετοκουμπο, ronnie 270 Warriors View
Win-FTW, Winston Loo 210 Cavaliers View
johnson and johnson, johnson lai 190 Rockets View
For What?, Jeff Tran 190 Rockets View
Daniel bracket 2018, Daniel 180 Rockets View
NBA_2018, Albert 125 Rockets View
Kirk's Picks, Up In Smoke 110 Rockets View