SupremeNBA challenge

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Was good. Just fill out ur brackets and shit. Winner gets 10$ paypalled to them thats all I got, If I can ill try to buy a jersey or some shit for the winner.

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
The 100% accurate bracket, Twin Chairez 335 Warriors View
LeBron=GOAT, BucketsCenter 325 Warriors View
Corey, Corey 310 Warriors View
noringforlbj, Jelmer 295 Warriors View
ehhh..., ThunderFan0 250 Warriors View
TNB, TheNorthBros 210 Warriors View
NBA playoffs supreme , SeanTheRaptorsFan 205 Rockets View
The Flymongoose, Chicken Fly Mongoose 205 Warriors View
Brendan, Brendan Elliott 195 Rockets View
Cavs2018Champs, James Ross 190 Cavaliers View
Hot Sauce, The Godfather 190 Rockets View
Porta, Portal14 185 Rockets View
SK3, Scotty Kramer III 180 Rockets View
Real deal, Cp7 170 Rockets View
The bracket , Ddaniel53 165 Rockets View
Winna winna chicken dinna, aarobcs 165 Rockets View
The raptors are buns, @_thenobleone_ 155 Spurs View
Stone’s Bracket, Stone Riffey 155 Rockets View
Gg, Bruh 150 Cavaliers View
Milorad Čavić, Fady Salama 150 Rockets View
Nik's bracket, Nik10cento 145 Rockets View
@HoopsEmpire, @HoopsEmpire 145 Cavaliers View
Finns Bracket, Finn Sinclair 145 Rockets View
Easy Dub, Jonny Isaacson 140 Rockets View
Gadi's Bracket, Gadi Halevi 120 Rockets View
Winner, Easy Wins 120 Rockets View
SupremeNBA bracket, SupremeNBA 115 Cavaliers View
Raps in 7, Clay10 115 Raptors View
Easy Bracket Win (Seth Curry = GOAT), EtaiE 110 Rockets View
Go Bucks, Sarah G 105 Rockets View
Penokemon Bracket , Penokemon 100 Rockets View
Don Limon, Ethan Patterson 100 Raptors View
JDalke, JDalke 100 Rockets View
Chief Keef, Chief Keef 90 Rockets View