The O’Brien Throne

Created By: Alain Jean

9 members

Group Website: TheOBrienThrone

Let’s get it...first year without Lebron..we’ll get thru this together. If u pick golden state u a ho.

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Cbvisions , Chris Bennett 50 Warriors View
Who Will Survive???, Sabrina Joseph 45 Warriors View
The one true bracket, Donté DeWayne Terrelonge 45 Warriors View
Alex, Alex Oboupierresamsong 45 Bucks View
Lemonade, Sean Lemon 40 Warriors View
Phipp$, W⭐P 40 Warriors View
Guru, DAJ_GURU 40 Warriors View
Tossed Salad , ĪŁŁFŪTŪRĘ 35 Thunder View
King of the North, Alain Jean 30 Raptors View