Two Four Flinching

Created By: mikeystrings

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Drink whiskey and make your picks! $5 buy-in.

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Asgard Wizard Scrolls, mikeystrings 0 Warriors View
Boski, Bo 0 Warriors View
Name Sure Ok, Zac Boggis 0 Warriors View
I’m not gonna win , Ricky Almeida 0 Not selected View
Okay.....See, Brent 0 76ers View
Bobby Lights Misfit Mascots, Robert Riley 0 Warriors View
King grubbles, first of his name of house grubbarian. 3 time champion of fantasies, father of grandma , Bubity 0 Warriors View
Jug mug, Jug mug 0 Warriors View
I Don't Watch NBA, Sean White 0 Warriors View