Scandinavian Favorites

Created By: Jesper Haaning

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Hoops lovers in the Oeresund region - and their friends

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
GrillBars, Claus Grønlund 0 Warriors View
Haaning’s, Jesper Haaning 0 Warriors View
Lunde’s Underdogs, Michael Lunde 0 Warriors View
Ricorico, Rico Voigt Hansen 0 Warriors View
NBA Expert, Morten Soerensen 0 Warriors View
d' Gr33k Conspiracy, Jonathan Esguerra 0 Bucks View
ThisTime!, LuckyPacificRapFan2017 0 Raptors View
Mambajuice, Jeppe Nielsen Søndberg 0 76ers View
Brooklyn in the house!, Teis Schneider Dengsøe 0 Warriors View
Hoping I’m wrong, Oliver Schultz-Bærentzen 0 Warriors View
Brian Møller, Brian Møller 0 Warriors View
Rasmus79, Rasmus Lützhøft 0 Warriors View
The one, W3TAZ 0 Not selected View
Legale!, Peter Emil 0 Warriors View
GGezN00bs, Jeff Carstensen 0 Warriors View
PG says No OT, Ruben Rios Jensen 0 Thunder View
milky way, Chris Kurish 0 Bucks View
Is what it is, Aesger 0 Warriors View
FearTheDear, Alexander Holm 0 Bucks View
Fearthedear, Marcus Valentin Holm 0 Warriors View
Team ønskeøen, Frederik Fredensborg Jørgensen 0 Raptors View
Bucks why not?, Jose M. Simon 0 Bucks View
GreenRevolution, Magnus G 0 Warriors View
Buabasket, Camilla Buöen Stenmo 0 Warriors View
BUM!, GoldenEra 0 Rockets View
Trust the process, Lenny Matthew Afranie 0 Warriors View