NBA playoff predictions

Created By: David Fleurant

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Nuggets winning it all, David Fleurant 50 Nuggets View
Durant is a Snake, Sterling 50 Warriors View
Trapmoneybenny, Daniel Fleurant 50 Warriors View
*JR* "Where's the basket?", Alejandro I Rodriguez 45 Warriors View
Dream, Jorgeson Lucero 40 Rockets View
Team “Where on the Road Again!!!” , Aaron Williamson 40 Warriors View
Manu Forever , Brett Schmit 40 Raptors View
Old School, Hervé Fleurant 40 Celtics View
LeBron Jonah, Jonah Sanchez 35 Warriors View
JR’s Secret Stuff , Grant Ripperger 30 Warriors View
Noitalljay, noitalljay 0 Not selected View