Lance's Take Note Playoffs

Created By: Lance Hendricks

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For a little fun, here's a playoff bracket

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Lucky Lance, Lance Hendricks 0 Warriors View
Home run time!, SuperSlope 0 Warriors View
thelittlejazzfan, Cheri Hendricks 0 Bucks View
Always winning, Brett Jensen 0 Warriors View
SuperFanDan, SuperDan 0 Warriors View
Mike's Magical Miracle Picks, Miguel 0 Warriors View
GSW to the chest, Erik Tadje 0 Warriors View
A bracket where the Warriors don’t win the ship, Braydon Uffens 0 Bucks View
King James is East Coast dreamin', Jake Peacock 0 Warriors View
Hendricks High Fives, Carol Hendricks 0 Bucks View