Bye Bye Ernie

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2019 was a great season for the wizards. harden for mvp.

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Zion+KD+Kyrie = KnicksChamps, Anthony Ferraro 50 Warriors View
Stanning Denver's redemption, Lamar Johnson 50 Warriors View
Ernie is the Night King, Ernie’s next draft pick 50 Warriors View
Boogie's Bracket, mengiskhan 45 Warriors View
I Hate Harden Haters, Niat 45 Rockets View
aaman, boyoboy 40 Warriors View
Rockets got it, Miles Harriston 40 Rockets View
Jazz-Magic Finals, HeAintGotShitOnKobe 35 Warriors View
BogutFinalsMVP, JohnWall4president 35 Warriors View