Palm Beach Tan

Created By: jtyang930

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Winner receives a 6 pack of their choice from each of the non-winner. Loser is obligated to: Option 1: Obtain a spray tan while wearing an item (sunglasses, tank top, hat, headband, something else approved by the group) of their choice. The tan must be obtained on a selected Friday after work and a pool day is required that same weekend with the tan still present. The tan cost will be split between the winner and the loser. The shade will be negotiated between the winner and the loser. Option 2: Pay $30 to each of the participants.

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Chicken Dinner, jtyang930 50 Warriors View
Chicken Noodle Hoop, Lisa 50 Celtics View
Risk it to get the biscuit, Jordan5 45 Bucks View
Steamed Dunklings, MoPho 45 Trail Blazers View
Aarika, Aarika 45 Warriors View
All that and a Bag of Potato Chips, Matt 35 Warriors View