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Entry, Owner Score Champion
TSAlovesmybeard, rahul 65 Rockets View
LebronGOAT, Julian 65 Warriors View
HD, Humphrey Duan 65 Celtics View
threepeat, Will Tai 60 Warriors View
California Canadiens , Elijah Ho 60 Warriors View
We the North, Desmond 60 Raptors View
warriorsweep, Neal Wang 60 Warriors View
AllenD, AllenD 60 Warriors View
Mike Madness, Mike Tai 60 Warriors View
Klaymen, Michael Cao 60 Warriors View
WarriorsChamp, Harry Cheng 60 Warriors View
Zeroforthree, Kevin Kin 55 Warriors View
I'm a fun guy, Jon Wu 55 Bucks View
The Process is Complete, Sean B 45 76ers View
Where is Jeremy Lin?, Jonathan Shen 45 Warriors View