2019 NBA Playoffs Bracket

Created By: Abi P

13 members

Group Website: abi2324@gmail.com

*$10 entry fee* 1st- 70% 2nd- 20% 3rd- 10%

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Alpha Beta Sigma Pi, Jewel Payyappilly 70 Rockets View
Ballislife, AP 70 Warriors View
Nothing but Brackets, nigilv 65 Warriors View
Imelda the Real MVP, Geo PJ 65 Warriors View
Game Of Zones Bracket, Abi P 60 Warriors View
3 Headed Dragons, Geo Athappilly 60 Warriors View
76ers are a joke, Scary Terry 55 Celtics View
Zion Williamson, J baby 55 Thunder View
The Real Bandwagon , Anisha P 50 Warriors View
X Factor, Nitix 50 Raptors View
Terryn V, Terryn V 50 Bucks View
eNVytrio, Game Over 40 Rockets View
TouchdownTitans, Tina I 30 Warriors View