Fredvegas Ballers

Created By: Waleed

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For the Fredvegas Ballers. Shoutout to @Khamis for winning the fantasy championship. Last year's bracket winner: Zarar

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Winner chicken dinner, Ahsen 60 Warriors View
​, Usman Humayon 50 Warriors View
Basketball tonight?, Khamis 50 Bucks View
Ummm... Test, Marmar 50 Warriors View
What I think might happen , Pandizzy Pandificent 45 Warriors View
Same toilet, different shit , Same toilet, different shit. 45 Warriors View
Bahaa Breezy, Aahab 45 Warriors View
I Won This Shit Last Year, Zarar Ahmed 40 Warriors View
You’re pretty.. ugly, Faheim buckets 40 Raptors View