Lame ass nibbas

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Sid, Sid Vashishta 345 Warriors View
didn't even watch the season, Wrex 315 Warriors View
PAB picks, LESKOOO OKC THO, Paolo Antonio 295 Warriors View
i don't even watch ball... lol , Lisa Manalo Larsen 290 Warriors View
Ez winz, Tim Chen 240 Warriors View
Delusional wiz fan, Tony Pan 200 Rockets View
all wrong probably, Gobi 190 Cavaliers View
Getting buckets , Hari 180 Raptors View
Cleveland this is for yooouuuuuuuuuuu.....part 2, TJ23 155 Cavaliers View
Trust the Embiid Process, Erin Goh 130 76ers View
Xxx, Manolo P 75 Wizards View