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Entry, Owner Score Champion
M_Can, M_Can 355 Warriors View
Bracket 1, Pelicans55 305 Warriors View
dj dikkat, ShaqShaq 300 Warriors View
Bulls-23, Tunahan 295 Warriors View
Swipathefox, bekoysys 290 Warriors View
Paul the Octopus, Vergil 290 Warriors View
srt, srt 260 Warriors View
Rogrog, rogrog2 260 Warriors View
SK, Süleyman Kas 180 Cavaliers View
Fatih the Unicorn Breeder, fatihsu 170 Rockets View
Obstacle, Obstacle 160 Rockets View
M.Scofield, Kaan 155 Rockets View
wallace11, Kadir Hicran 135 Rockets View
alpcanfb76ers, Alpcanfb 120 Rockets View
Green Bracket, Green 115 Rockets View
Arenas, Eric Bledsoe 110 Rockets View
Racket1, Alperen 0 Not selected View