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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Peteys bracket , Peter DiGiacomo 245 Warriors View
In strats we trust, Justin Ramiro 185 Rockets View
Shmoney, Gabriel 160 Raptors View
Toronto raptors, no matter what, Filthy McNasty 160 Raptors View
Go Leafs Go, Brandon 135 Rockets View
Don't watch ball, run Mondays 6-8 tho, Marc 135 Raptors View
dont@me, Khashi Niknejad 130 Rockets View
Not a homer, Nick Dimitrakopoulos 125 Rockets View
Horus bless , Matthew DaSilva 125 Rockets View
Upsetville, GA, Mike Agati 120 Raptors View, Leonard Lacson 115 Raptors View
The too high on Philly bracket, Jordan araneta 115 Rockets View
I don't watch enough basketball, Mickey 105 Raptors View
Top 5 , Gurkeerat Singh 90 Raptors View
Van Vleet have it all - raps in 6, Jaye 80 Raptors View