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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Playoffs 2018, wojowel 360 Warriors View
Kay Felder = GOAT, Kay Felder 355 Warriors View
Brick factory bracket, Kenneth Heinlein 350 Warriors View
jim's bracket, jimbo1980 350 Warriors View
It's Mueller Time!, Daniel Mueller 340 Warriors View
NBA Sector , NBASector 340 Warriors View
Fat W, Gabriel Butler 340 Warriors View
mommas_baby123, mommas_brown_sugar 340 Warriors View
Winning bracket, Nick 340 Warriors View
GS in 5, Josh Finkovich 335 Warriors View
Steph Curry is the GOAT, Diego 335 Warriors View, 330 Warriors View
LeBron=GOAT, BucketsCenter 325 Warriors View
easy dubs, arjun.iyer 325 Warriors View
Winner#1, Demi 325 Warriors View
Rperrin, Rperrin 320 Warriors View
Hopeiwin, Antola 320 Warriors View
NBA Playoffs, Leadblowers 320 Warriors View
Jaden’s Brack, Jaden Easton 320 Warriors View
Gabby o’s bracket, Gabbyo35 320 Warriors View
FiniBoss, FiniBoss 320 Warriors View
CDK3601, Christian Karnavar 320 Warriors View
Playoff Bracket, NBAStatPredictions 315 Warriors View
FoxCoverage, Kingtesta 315 Warriors View
Big H, henry34_ 310 Warriors View
nbadistrict, District 310 Warriors View
Will T’s Bracket, Will T 310 Warriors View
Goat.highlights.23, MJgoat.23 310 Warriors View
GOAT BRACKET , GOAT 305 Warriors View
The Correct Bracket, T.j. Russell 305 Warriors View
Steph=GOAT @the.point.god, The.point.god 305 Warriors View
Predictable, Aidan Adame 305 Warriors View
Julian's bracket, Julian Salaberry 305 Warriors View
Andre Ingram’s Bracket, saintmustaf 300 Warriors View
Bracket1, Master shifu 300 Warriors View
Easy, Jacob 300 Warriors View
BSP Bracket, @BSP__Sports 300 Warriors View
Does the comet destroy Tilted Towers?, Pogba_69 300 Warriors View
simmonsisarookie, simmonsisarookie 300 Warriors View
Chris's Picks, Chris Romero 300 Warriors View
ez win, guy lefag 300 Warriors View
Big Ballers101, Eagles13 300 Warriors View
HoopersEmpire 2018 NBA Playoff Bracket, HoopersEmpire 300 Warriors View
Idk, Durantgalaxy35 300 Warriors View
Jerome, Jerome Dorval 295 Warriors View
STEPH4FMVP, Rahul 295 Warriors View
Anthony = Goat, Anthony 295 Warriors View
jakob.bariteau’s bracket, jakob.bariteau 295 Warriors View
dubnation, ryanm 295 Warriors View
EthanYamamuras Bracket, @ethan_yamamura 295 Warriors View
Treyman_33, Treyman_33 295 Warriors View
Bosshog, Nick 295 Warriors View
NBA Playoffs, O Sharp 295 Warriors View
AF, mihcael 295 Warriors View
JimmyN6, Jimmy 295 Warriors View
HoopsG, Hoops Galore 290 Warriors View
Smd young children, EDP445 290 Warriors View
@danidalmeida03, Daniel Almeida 290 Warriors View
CB, Chris 285 Warriors View
W szn, @22peretz 285 Warriors View
TBC, Top Ball 280 Warriors View
The NBA World, The NBA World 280 Warriors View
Warriors in 5, Adam Clarke 280 Warriors View
DeanOGreen101, DeanO Green 101 280 Warriors View
NL1, MufasaNL 275 Warriors View
Secondary, EJFreeman7 270 Warriors View
@kieranedison, kieranedison 270 Warriors View
John's bracket, John 265 Warriors View
The 3rd Ball brother, Thomas Hearns 260 Warriors View
Lavar for pres, Legoat23 260 Warriors View
Best bracket , PaterPa 255 Warriors View
, giannis_scalabrine 250 Warriors View
Raptors , MooCow 250 Warriors View
Bracket 1, GaryHegarty 250 Warriors View
Philadelphia Eltham 76ers, Josh Warren 245 Warriors View
JevonCarterIsTheBestAllAroundGaurdInTheDraft, @mr.big.nuckzz---lavardarealmvp 245 Warriors View
Lonzo’s favorite Son, Nik Darrough 245 Warriors View
Big Boy Bracket, bigdaddy15 245 Cavaliers View
Lebronislegoat, Lebronislegoat 240 Cavaliers View
GSWs all the way, Bronya 240 Warriors View
Sidharth, Sidharth 240 Warriors View, The NBA Talk 235 Cavaliers View
FreeMeek, daily.dlo 230 Warriors View
@SupremeNBA, SupremeNBA 225 Warriors View
LeBron is GOAT. Simple, ddomclegg 225 Cavaliers View
Playoffs , Ballpress 220 Warriors View
Big Baller Bracket, EJFreeman7 215 Cavaliers View
Bryce Roehrig , Bryce Roehrig 210 Cavaliers View
Real one, Sharky 205 Rockets View
4-5 , markpitts33 205 Cavaliers View
the winning one FGSGANG, FGSGANG69 205 Rockets View
goat, Noah clark 205 Rockets View
NBA.Nation, NBA.Nation 200 Rockets View
Jazz 2018 champs, Sportsmatchups 195 Jazz View
Kevin meza, Kevin Meza 195 Cavaliers View
2Legit4this, Jay2Legit 195 Rockets View
SHreyas G, Shreyas Gokhale 195 Cavaliers View
The First One Out, KnicksLand 190 Rockets View
Future Dynasty, Colin Pinkerton 190 Rockets View
Celtics next 10yrs, Rhys Maxwell 190 Rockets View
111%percent correct, @ian.redington 190 Rockets View
Wolves202, Antho 190 Cavaliers View
Wade Divac, Heat Sweep 190 Heat View
Dnsk, connor devine 185 Rockets View
Your Mom Gay, matt_lukowsky 185 Rockets View
CO, Sean Price 185 Cavaliers View
Lebron is gonna be the goat, Hamza Lebron is the best and Curry is a choke 180 Cavaliers View
Poopy , Krudi23 180 76ers View
LeBron is the GOAT, lukemonte.43 180 Cavaliers View
Dbook, Khicks_11 175 Rockets View
ThunderUp/ @jacob.lawson.1, Jacob 175 Thunder View
Knickstape, Knickstape 175 Cavaliers View
d19packers, d19packers 175 Rockets View
parkerjanzen, parkerjanzen 175 Raptors View
Big John , Lebron Nation 175 Cavaliers View
Idkwtfimdoing, Bianca 175 Cavaliers View
DRK, David Nijborg 175 Rockets View
Busted Bracket, FleekNasty 170 Rockets View
LeBalling, Cavs Corner 170 Cavaliers View
The truth, Dwight Austin 170 Rockets View
Rockets 2018 champs , Run as One 170 Rockets View
Lsk1016, ScottK 170 Thunder View
The Worlds Best Bracket, Sam Rogers 165 Cavaliers View
MJ is the GOAT, fuckgoldenstatee 165 Rockets View
I Hope OKC Wins It All, 165 Thunder View
Wade is the GOAT, loading... 165 Rockets View
2018, Thomas Barrett 165 Rockets View
bucketscenteriswrongagain, Troy Kellers 165 Rockets View
Winner, Caden Christensen 160 Cavaliers View
Rockets’ year, Zahid 160 Rockets View
Rockets , John Wilson 155 Rockets View
The Undertaker, Sai Anoop 155 Cavaliers View
Redone mine DHS, Dailyhoopsquad 150 Thunder View
Blazers in 6, IG: @Sporting_Capital 150 Cavaliers View
jacktwarog._.21, jacktwarog._.21 150 Cavaliers View
@HoopsEmpire, @HoopsEmpire 145 Cavaliers View
The Dream, 4th_Ring_Incoming 145 Cavaliers View
hoop.coverage, hoop.coverage 140 Rockets View
KirkDaddyDog, KirkDaddyDog 140 Raptors View
Trust The Process!!!, Copagoalie1 140 76ers View
OKC, Ali02Khan 135 Thunder View
Winner winner chicken dinner, Kaleb Mclaurin 135 Rockets View
Silly ass bracket, Kwame Brown is the goat! 135 Cavaliers View
Danny, Jack Boyd 130 Rockets View
Dubs, WeTheNorth 125 Rockets View
Lsk1014, ScottK 125 Rockets View
Hoop.Genius, Hoop.Genius 120 Rockets View
Dame dolla, Dame Dolla 120 Rockets View
Horrible, Trent Kinard 115 Rockets View
Lebron's lost headband, Kawhi 115 Cavaliers View
Lakers.16, Marlyn.22 115 Raptors View
Fav, OTMax 110 Rockets View
LOL, Warriors Blew A 3-1 Lead 110 Rockets View
Unrealistic, 4th_Ring_Incoming 105 Cavaliers View
DeMar DeGOAT, Prabh 100 Raptors View
Kofi, Kofi quinnell 100 Rockets View
cloutgodcole , clsmoove14 100 Rockets View
Idk11, Jhouly 100 Rockets View
Kawhi's Revenge, Jonviét 95 Spurs View
James1367, James1367 95 Rockets View
Ttp , Hefner92 90 76ers View
1, Owen Kracht 90 76ers View
I'm not playing, The all knowing Jacob 80 Pacers View
Lsk1015, ScottK 70 Rockets View
lilbroomstickclout(ygshmurda), lilbroomstickclout 60 Not selected View
Mankaran bracket, Mankaran Sodhi 0 Not selected View
Kobe, Dahir Hassan 0 Not selected View
Nba playoffs , BillyBobSue 0 Not selected View
TTP , Alex137396 0 Not selected View
Dame is the best PG, Dameyon Dotson is the goat 0 Not selected View
Scary Terry, Scary Terry 0 Not selected View