Light it up! Light it up!

Created By: @DanRShafer

15 members

Who's gonna win it? THE BUCKS! THE BUCKS! Thinking this for payout (w/$10 buy-in): 3rd: Break even // 2nd: $20 // 1st: Rest of the pot (TBD based on entries) // Message me if you disagree. Good luck, y'all!

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
RIP Bradley Center, @DanRShafer 395 Warriors View
Gweek Fweek, Verv 350 Warriors View
KAT Is My Dawg, Henry Weiner 325 Warriors View
Rad Dan Gadzuric, Kevin Botting 315 Warriors View
Milwaukee Marquee Matt, Roszak,Matt 315 Warriors View
It's Always in Six, Slam Jam Jimmy K 295 Warriors View
Rondo Calrissian, Milan Zori 275 Warriors View
Commish Dubs, Will Amacher 250 Warriors View
Picks! Of Games!, Jeremy Schmidt 250 Warriors View
Snakes in the Grass, Andrew Menchal 235 Warriors View
Tim Thomas., Adam Dosemagen 215 Warriors View
Elliot Perry’s Socks , Andy Nelson 175 Rockets View
#nevertrustthebucks, Frank 165 Rockets View
Samsonite! I was way off, Dewey Coulson 115 Rockets View
Supersonicbucks, William Henry 105 Rockets View