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Entry, Owner Score Champion
jim's bracket, jimbo1980 350 Warriors View
YES, Lo 345 Warriors View
久保, Danvis Lau 345 Warriors View
Alan HO, Alanho 340 Warriors View
CHLAW, C.h. Law 340 Warriors View
溫哥華灰熊, Baoyeah 340 Warriors View
CurryHealthAgain, Warriors Go Go GO! 340 Warriors View
Thunderup, kennyleung 335 Warriors View
2018 NBA Playoff, Nikky Chan 335 Warriors View
Kan~~~, Jackie Kan 335 Warriors View
tip神*, Bryan 330 Warriors View
NBA Playoff, Kwok Ho Cheung 330 Warriors View
#DubNation #SCurry, Benny S L Yiu 330 Warriors View
Vee, Bigvee Wan 330 Warriors View
Kuma's Pick, Kuma Tsai 330 Warriors View
G-Fury, G-Fury 330 Warriors View
yin64, Yin64 325 Warriors View
bigorna, Marcelo Rocha 325 Warriors View
Sendoh , 仙道彬 320 Warriors View
年初四, 年初四 315 Warriors View
Sunny Lee, Sunny Lee 315 Warriors View
JOELI, Joe Li 315 Warriors View
hogod, 豪神皇 310 Warriors View
jcb gsw2018, Jackie B Wong 310 Warriors View
Skipper albert, Albert Skipper 310 Warriors View
KC 2018 NBA game, KC2332 310 Warriors View
Paul, pauleung102 305 Warriors View
haa, Szenok Lo 305 Warriors View
HK Workers, Dolf 300 Warriors View
Warriors GOGO, Teo Chung Hong 300 Warriors View
First Try, Marc Li 300 Warriors View
Jack, Jack 295 Warriors View
T1, kamfat 295 Warriors View
Mic, Michael Kam 295 Warriors View
Gsw!, Michael Lui 290 Warriors View
Romeo, Romeo Roy Chung 290 Warriors View
I only shoot 33333333s, Lincoln Si 290 Warriors View
GSW in 6, Larry 290 Warriors View
Jjball, Mike Sum 285 Warriors View
Trust the process, Ming 285 Warriors View
pigson, pigson 280 Warriors View
Hold Q 2018, Hold Q 275 Warriors View
Warriors, Sophia Lo 275 Warriors View
Devotions, CheukYin Hung 275 Warriors View
StrengthInNumbers, McMug 275 Warriors View
Warriors Repeat, 爆籃狂徒 275 Warriors View
kawingroy, Ka Wing Luk 270 Warriors View
Javale mcgee, Jacky Lau 270 Warriors View
GSW, Lanfranco 265 Warriors View
The Third Champ, Andy Yip 265 Warriors View
Warriorsssssssss, Ar Long 265 Warriors View
102, E14 265 Warriors View
Jonish, Jonish 265 Warriors View
BrianC, Brian Cheang 260 Warriors View
Lam, Chow Yun Lam 250 Warriors View
LBJ, Leo Fung 250 Cavaliers View
Roni, Roni 250 Warriors View
Ray’s Bracket, Ray Ip 250 Warriors View
J.S., Joker So 250 Warriors View
Ng Li-K, Ng Li-k 245 Warriors View
Penguin, Penguin 245 Warriors View
SL, Simon Lam 245 Warriors View
angvincent, AngVincent 245 Warriors View
TOFULO, Where is my 86? 245 Warriors View
PCH, Chris Pang 240 Warriors View
Lagu, Eric Wong 240 Warriors View
Ericyrus, Cyrus 240 Warriors View
Chicago Bulls96, Donald Kwong 230 Rockets View
Jeffreyccc, Jeffreyccc 225 Warriors View
0911, 一時峻傑 225 Cavaliers View
Eric Lam, Eric Lam 225 Warriors View
sean.ho predict v1, Sean Ho 215 Cavaliers View
Chung Tat, Chung Tat 215 Rockets View
GoGoGo, Wm Lau 210 Rockets View
LBJ Champion , LBJ Winner 205 Cavaliers View
Manu, Henry Ko 200 Rockets View
First, GinSon 200 Rockets View
希望波士頓繼續打好啲, Tat Leung 200 Rockets View
Jojo, Jo Wong 200 Rockets View
Kit Chan, Kit Chan 200 Rockets View
Super knicks fans, Jeremy Roberto 195 Rockets View
Nba, Slam 190 Cavaliers View
Answer@3, Wa Dee 190 Rockets View
Let's go MAVS, Ho Chung Hon 190 Rockets View
Jackencw, Jackencw 185 Rockets View
HB, Bron Simmons 185 Rockets View
Michael's pick, Michael Chu 180 Rockets View
Playoff 2018, Tim Yiub 180 Rockets View
MOSHT Chan Kam b, Chan Kam B 180 Rockets View
Let's go Cavs !!!, Tony Cheng 180 Cavaliers View
Ninestars Kwok, Ninestars Kwok 175 Rockets View
Ben Ling , Ben Ling 175 Cavaliers View
choi, heiren 175 Rockets View
Jason lam, Pak Yin Lam 170 Rockets View
2018 nba champion, jasonkit 170 Rockets View
Nereus, Nereus Chan 165 Rockets View
v1, Howard Tse 160 Rockets View
702, manman702 155 Rockets View
taisport, Wing Tai Wong 145 Spurs View
Nba, Ryan Kwong 145 Rockets View
ATW, Mingles Wong 140 Rockets View
rex88, Rex Law 140 Rockets View
Marcus wong, Marcus wong 140 Cavaliers View
Dragić Šarić, Matthew Sham 140 Rockets View
Wind, Wind Wong 140 Rockets View
Sam's ultimate bracket, Sam is going to win this! 140 Rockets View
KL1, Liu Man Hong 140 Rockets View
FM playoffs 2018, FM@HYDRA 135 Raptors View
Oscar, Oscar Yeung 135 Rockets View
ThunderUp, CTung Hui 135 Thunder View
KAKA, KAKA 135 Rockets View
To the rack, Eric Chu 135 Rockets View
D. Cheung, D Cheung 135 Rockets View
Hou, Alex Cheuk 130 Rockets View
Edmond, Edmond Poon 130 Rockets View
Briansome, Brian Tso 130 Rockets View
Chris, Chris Fung 125 Rockets View
利記攞歐聯, Dennis Ho 125 Rockets View
Marjumok, Peter Mok 120 Jazz View
Love me or hate me, Cheuk-yin Wong 120 Rockets View
HIM, Him Choi 120 Rockets View
CP get the Champ!!!, Benson Mu 120 Rockets View
AliG, Mike Kwan 120 Rockets View
101, E14 120 Raptors View
LPY, LPY 115 Thunder View
Knicks fans, Jeremy Roberto 115 Rockets View
bon, bon_bon 115 Rockets View
Yk , YK Tsang 110 Rockets View
GoSpursGo@Yin, YinCheung 110 Rockets View
win to buy a house, Owen Lei 110 Rockets View
2018playoff, So Chun Wah 110 Rockets View
Kint chu, Kint Chu 110 Rockets View
My Pick, Tim Suen 110 Rockets View
RUN N GUN, RUN N GUN 105 Rockets View
haha, James Lam 100 Thunder View
Houston 76ers, Dennis Wong 100 Rockets View
Hotseat , Chris Leung 100 Rockets View
AG MAS, Chang Zer 95 Rockets View
Erichy 2018, Eric Cheung 95 Thunder View
Anders, Anders Ngai 80 Not selected View
Julian, Julian So 80 Thunder View
VKHAPPY , Kenson Lau 70 Not selected View
miracle, Pui Au Yeung 65 Timberwolves View
Jason li, Jason Li 65 Rockets View
Kelvin , Leung kelvin 45 Jazz View
Raptor in hk, Raptor 0 Not selected View
Better Call Saul, Saul Goodman 0 Not selected View
ringo, Ringo Yeung 0 Not selected View
Jacko, Jackson Wong 0 Not selected View
小牛定小馬, Dicky Cheung 0 Not selected View