Created By: Max Fitzpatrick

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Harrowing hardwood havoc! $5 per entry. Payable in person or via Paypal (max.fitzpatrick@gmail.com)

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Socks, Fa So La Ti Do La Ta 345 Warriors View
Predictably Precious Prescience, Max Fitzpatrick 335 Warriors View
Yahima knows the game., Rural juror 320 Warriors View
Double Lebrontondre, Mikey Montalvo 310 Warriors View
April, May and June Madness, Zach Lerner 270 Warriors View
Wakanda 4 Ever, ENEMY 240 Cavaliers View
bam, Rorence-uh Jung 155 Raptors View
Unh Uh Folk Dah, JG 130 Rockets View
Your Momz, Your Mom 125 Rockets View
McBuckets Wins, El Papi Sancho 105 Rockets View
Mayhem's Blueprint, Mark Baker 60 76ers View