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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Golden State cheese, Tyler Brown 355 Warriors View
Primmer, Andrew Primmer 350 Warriors View
Last years winner, Miguel Torres 335 Warriors View
#Lakeshow, Alex 325 Warriors View
TherealLT, Lincoln Thomas 310 Warriors View
Boring Diaw , Cvosh 310 Warriors View
I don't know you. THAT'S MY PURSE, Charlie Oplinger 275 Warriors View
Warriors in The City, Jonathan Demessew 270 Warriors View
The Winners Circle, Christine Marie 265 Warriors View
Morin's Misguided Picks, Wendy 255 Warriors View
Feeling jazzy, Derek James Flaherty 255 Warriors View
Calluminati , Callum Connor Knight 255 Warriors View
Avalar's Trv Herr0, KDC2130 250 Warriors View
Giggity Giggity , Ken LeBlanc 235 Cavaliers View
Izael, Izael Omar 235 Warriors View
BountyHunters, Jonathan LaBounty 220 Cavaliers View
I win, Mayham Clyde 175 Rockets View
Big Ben’s Brilliant Bracket, Ben Catto 170 Raptors View
PeanutButtaJellySammich, Isaac Walker 165 Cavaliers View
Wishful Thinking , KayleeMacKay 60 Thunder View