Challenge - $20 to the best bracket!

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$20 goes to the winner. No entry fee. Email if you win.

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
SAGA, Bob Bob 355 Warriors View
Xpert Analysis, Xpert Analyst 350 Warriors View
buhhhh, JK 350 Warriors View
Tatum>Bird, Tatum>Bird 350 Warriors View
DLo Finals MVP, bashbarti 345 Warriors View
It's Mueller Time!, Daniel Mueller 340 Warriors View
Yo, Tyler Kendler 340 Warriors View
o man not again, sunnyre 335 Warriors View
64br, 64br 330 Warriors View
marner szn, x-Maplé 325 Warriors View
BIG B, BIG BALLS DANCE 325 Warriors View
I'm Hungry, feedmequick 325 Warriors View
Pray4Steph, Will Cozadd 320 Warriors View
Space JAM 2, Kevin 315 Warriors View
I'm the Jon Snow of playoffs, alexnoob 310 Warriors View
OMEGALUL, andy 310 Warriors View
fam bracket, phil 310 Warriors View
Legit, Brad Stevenson 300 Warriors View
bad, dragomaser 300 Warriors View
Quick Pick, Up In Smoke 300 Warriors View
Sad Onion, MarcerCyoon 300 Warriors View
BoiledGoose, BoiledGoose 300 Warriors View
aabb22, aabb22 295 Warriors View
Kevin meza, Kevin Meza 280 Warriors View
Winner, ATX001 270 Warriors View
asian steve nash, 40degreeday 270 Warriors View
Clitler73, Nolan 270 Warriors View
KP, Kishen Patel 270 Warriors View
2018 NBA Bracket 1 Warriors, NateTheGreat777 265 Warriors View
fortnite, Peyton Ware 265 Warriors View
eskeddit warriors!!!!, Dahra10 265 Warriors View
SirLameGame2018, SirLameGame 260 Cavaliers View
The one, Jon Michaluk 255 Warriors View
hah, lolrandom 255 Warriors View
ohyea, joseph 250 Warriors View
Johnathan Frankel from JP Morgan, Hue Jass 245 Warriors View
nostalgia, ULTRA, chronichaos 240 Warriors View
FRISBEE RULEZ, Alice 240 Warriors View
yolo, i need moneyz 230 Warriors View
$, JB 220 Cavaliers View
lol hehe haha, miradajan 220 Rockets View
La Mente de Clemente, Gerard Clemente 215 Rockets View
BurnRubber912, Ashley Mitchell 215 Rockets View
hoping that bbgm doesn't pull some crazy 8 seed nba finals upset, Zand 210 Rockets View
Diz, DizzaSticks 205 Cavaliers View
yes, Mike 200 Cavaliers View
Innovativeartwork , CHVBBS 200 Rockets View
Small Teck, Small Hands, Nate Conrad 200 Rockets View
I haven't watched much all year, JayStarr1082 200 Rockets View
Bracket, Guilherme 195 Cavaliers View
truth, Vim 195 Rockets View
Go Harden the Paint, jtkellogg 190 Rockets View
LeBrons 4th Ring, Jordan Clarkson 190 Cavaliers View
Kawhi Come Back, Kawhi Come Back 190 Rockets View
matjadz, Matmat Jaducana 185 Rockets View
Clutch City lll, OTMax 180 Rockets View
Houston, Ben Counsel 180 Cavaliers View
Perfection, Brandon Hahn 180 Cavaliers View
Wishful Thinking, wavetoyou 180 Warriors View
Very Accurate bracket, Sameer Kazi 180 Rockets View
Charles Broccoli, Del Taco 175 Rockets View
haha yes, Dakota Hale 175 Cavaliers View
eldritch ways, Hue Jass 175 Rockets View
Fegelein's Bracket, MziTai 170 Rockets View
Busted Bracket, FleekNasty 170 Rockets View
I just guess, the-kid13 170 Rockets View
Lebron's 4th ring, LBJ GOAT 165 Cavaliers View
Yeah, paul dance 165 Rockets View
Rapz, Jason Singh 165 Raptors View
My dear Lanka, T Dot 160 Cavaliers View
Running out Of Ten Bags, Arthur Lee Turner 160 Rockets View
Nothing but fax, Andrei S 160 Cavaliers View
Allan's winning bracket, AllanHoustonGM 160 Rockets View
Skazi14’s bracket, Sameer Kazi 160 Rockets View
Jack1, Andrea Giacomelli 150 Rockets View
Piss Tape, George Lee 140 Rockets View
i don't even, tornado.terence 140 Rockets View
Sam's ultimate bracket, Sam is going to win this! 140 Rockets View
Gold, 140 Rockets View
Deadhead, Steve 135 76ers View, dumbmatter 130 Rockets View
hofqem, hall of fame quarterback eli manning 130 Rockets View
nice, charlit 130 Rockets View
tim-duncan21, tim-duncan21 125 Rockets View
Raps in 6, Infern0ace 125 Raptors View
Claudius, KenVelo 125 Rockets View
Big Reagan Bracket, Reagan 120 Rockets View
Clutch City, Jonas Lee Dorsett 120 Rockets View
name, Save The Meat Duck 115 Rockets View
webuildmountains, Justin Jordan 115 Rockets View
Rockets, Mitchel Celis Gibbs 115 Rockets View
spell icup, mangowarfare 110 Rockets View
Milbucksfan03, milbucksfan03 105 Rockets View
Toronto, asclepius42 80 Raptors View
Spurs goat, death 70 Spurs View
ff, pokachyreddit 60 Jazz View
nig, Eddy 0 Not selected View