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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Three-peat b2b, Joshua Northcutt 340 Warriors View
It Burns When I Three, Jared Dean 320 Warriors View
Advancedstats23, Advancedstats23 305 Warriors View
Trust The Process , Bucky Cooper 290 Warriors View
Bucks in 6, Mamba Out 275 Warriors View
Gold Swagger, Troy Houk 255 Warriors View
Wishful thinking, Hugh Jones 215 Rockets View
NBA Expert , James Lord-Prowse 205 Rockets View
FSpikes_lee, Andrew Spikes 185 Cavaliers View
EricLilly7, Eric Lilly 160 Rockets View
Phantom of the Process, David Garrigan 140 Rockets View
LeBrick Lovers , Nabih David 130 Rockets View
Even a blind squirrel finds a nut, Alan Miller 120 Rockets View
Kev's Best, Kevin 110 Rockets View