brandon's disciples

Created By: bmag

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if u don't pick the raptors you're dead to me

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
BIG B, BIG BALLS DANCE 325 Warriors View
Ketchup Water, decarboxylation 295 Warriors View
Guess Who, Guess Who 280 Warriors View
Jun, Jun 245 Warriors View
LOL, mykko 205 Rockets View
FORTNITE??, Andy 135 Rockets View
KingJames, VC15 115 Rockets View
Prophecy, Alex 110 Raptors View
DUBLAS' LIP 5.0, bmag 70 Raptors View
Steve's gonna win, Steven Caesar Fernandes 70 Rockets View
best bracket ever, Aksharan Mahendra 30 Raptors View