Fat Oinkers 2018

Created By: Mike He

14 members

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
i hate losing, Michael Seung 340 Warriors View
No, Jason He 335 Warriors View
Almost Complete Guess , Eggs Benedict 335 Warriors View
Real [Br]acket, William 325 Warriors View
It's a Process, Benjamin Franklin Karabasz 315 Warriors View
Winner winner chicken dinner, Derek 315 Warriors View
East or Feast, Bill Yu 250 Warriors View
Pork Fried Rice, ithd 195 Cavaliers View
Sleeper, Jason He 180 Rockets View
Kimchi and Pickled Pork, Mike He 180 Cavaliers View
The Black Mamba, Willis 160 Rockets View
Mike eats a jar of kimchi if this is the winner, Eggs Benedict 95 Jazz View
The Black Mamba - Alt Bracket, Willis 70 Rockets View
Dream [Br]acket, William 40 Spurs View