DT NBA Playoff Bracket Challenge

Created By: Dan Abitz

30 members

An NBA Playoff Bracket Challenge brought to you by the DT Community for the DT Community. You know, like how MPN used to be.

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Bones Bracket, Shitlord 69 385 Warriors View
propsizzle (MOD), propsizzle 355 Warriors View
Meerkat, The Meerhat Meerkat 300 Warriors View
Suck my dick, niallrj 285 Warriors View
I told u, Isolation Joseph 265 Warriors View
Shep, Comrade Shep 255 Warriors View
Buckets 2 gs, Travis Walker 240 Warriors View
BetaBracket (^_-), Di_nice 235 Warriors View
Dat Boi, mike 230 Cavaliers View
Stache knows, stache 210 Warriors View
CPMVP, Ya Mudda 195 Rockets View
Serg Abracket, Serg Abaka ain’t about this bracket 175 Thunder View
Come @ Me, Johnny Thunder 165 Thunder View
GivenItEnergy*O_O, Di_nice 155 Thunder View
let's get bron #4, Goatbrook 150 Cavaliers View
Pillendreher, Pillendreher 145 Thunder View
jabb drunk af, jabb0310 140 Cavaliers View
PA, PA ALL DAY 125 Rockets View
OKC-Brazil, OKC-Brazil 115 Thunder View
screen shot this, _justin 115 Rockets View
Big Kiwis, American Adams 115 Thunder View
Dani's Bracket of Sweetness, Dan Abitz 105 Rockets View
Stache homer, stache 90 Thunder View
Mother, Teresa 85 Pacers View
Bracket of Ash, Thunder_Blue 80 Thunder View
TC's Bracket, TC 55 Thunder View
CDSPARK's Picks, CDSpark 45 Trail Blazers View
TC's Even More Irrational Wish Bracket, TC 35 Thunder View
Raining fame, Nick 0 Not selected View