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It’s finally mid-April...and there’s no other sport, especially not hockey, that could possibly distract us from the thrilling and wild NBA post-season that’s about to ensue. Our 10-game predictions were littered with lottery teams, seedings were decided at the last possible minute, and the seemingly-inevitable Cavs/Warriors Finals rematch has never looked more vulnerable.’s time to put our personal vendettas aside, bring our homer biases in, and see how the hardest-to-predict regular season yet will play out in the final bracket of 16 teams (when will we get rid of East vs West smh). Good luck to you all, bracket entry is $50 (jk), and as always GO HEAT.

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Same Shit, Different Year, Sean Hire 290 Warriors View
Embiid’s Giant Cock, Warren Bucknam 170 Rockets View
Go Knicks, Mike Barry 160 Rockets View
Bring Back the Heatles, DrSouss 150 Rockets View
Long. Live. $mbiid. , Connor Harrison 130 Rockets View
Orlando Magic Johnson, Stephen Curry Basedgod 115 Rockets View
Dream Bracket, Christopher 110 Heat View