Timberwolves Made the Playoffs

Created By: Titus Stenberg

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For the first time since 2004

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Kyle, Kyle 330 Warriors View
BBB, Jacobbraaten24 305 Warriors View
F350, Charles Ragains 275 Warriors View
Coles Perfect Bracket, Cole McGorman 250 Warriors View
Titus #1, Titus Stenberg 205 Rockets View
the wolves packs, brent thorsett 195 Rockets View
Larry Bird’s mustache , Darren Anderson 190 Rockets View
Houston 2k18, Gage Hilborn 180 Rockets View
bertrosbertros, bertrosbertros 175 Rockets View
Varsity bracket, Sheldon McGorman 135 Rockets View
Whalen is the New Women Gophers Coach!, Eric Duske 95 Rockets View
Wolves > Nuggets, Isaac Charles Olson 85 Rockets View