r/DenverNuggets Bracket of NuggLife 2018

Created By: IdRatherBeLurking

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Here we are again. Winner gets gold!

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
GOAT, Cruyffista 360 Warriors View
Amy, AmyX 345 Warriors View
Wilson Chandler, Wilson Chandler 345 Warriors View
Geracci, Geracci 340 Warriors View
Winging it, chucho320 340 Warriors View
jd61 reddit, jd61 320 Warriors View
Rusty pick axe, jimithelizardking 315 Warriors View
Nuggetsgonnanugg, nuggetsgonnanugg 315 Warriors View
FRED VAN YEET, crevados 310 Warriors View
2018, 12aragon 305 Warriors View
andon94, andon94 300 Warriors View
Would've had Nuggets in 5 :(, StefCika 295 Warriors View
Nostradamus, Jacob_Br 295 Warriors View
NotGonnaHappen, Budoslav 295 Warriors View
Fuck everyone why did no other teams help us why did we have to do everything ourselves now look what happened why does this always happen to us is this nuglife?, icanhazdinna 290 Warriors View
spiderpigface's bracket, spiderpigface 270 Warriors View
Hope to see Denver in this bracket one day, SerbianBball 265 Warriors View
Hairy Gary Hairris , ereaven 260 Warriors View
Elijah's, Whydoifeelthisway1 255 Cavaliers View
Crambulance, Crambulance 255 Cavaliers View
Da best, Christian 235 Rockets View
onesixtyseven, onesixtyseven 235 Warriors View
Hitlurk's Hit List, IdRatherBeLurking 230 Rockets View
RefBall Champions 2018, Ramadan Steve 220 Rockets View
Just the right amount of spicy, Common_Crane 215 Cavaliers View
Nikšićko Pivo, najsssss 215 Rockets View
And the Winner is..., Knicks 210 Rockets View
Nuggets 2018-2019 NBA Champs, chucklesmcfistpunch 205 Rockets View
Nuggets winning next year, Robert Eusanio 195 Cavaliers View
Buickgrandnationalx, BuickGrandNationalX 190 Rockets View
dms0912, dms0912 190 Rockets View
CountJokula, Denv3r 185 Rockets View
Playoffs Shitpost, Nuggete 185 Rockets View
Wilson Chandelier, Guper 185 Rockets View
Really bad picks, tron777 185 Rockets View
A Bracket, 21sewage 180 Rockets View
MushuWithEggroll Bracket, MushuWithEggroll 175 Rockets View
DeNugts, colonello_bertorelli 175 Rockets View
wij2, wij2 175 Rockets View
eh, Natalia, sorakaisthegoat 170 Rockets View
cornball's bracket, silentcornball28 160 Rockets View
GoOnKaz's2018Bracket, GoOnKaz 160 Rockets View
9th seed = Best seed, SirJoris 160 Cavaliers View
bigred27, bigred27 145 Rockets View
Gary4President, PoorTonyK 140 Cavaliers View
Hopes and dreams, Athmar park 140 76ers View
LeBron James’ Ego, TheThingsIDoAtNight 140 Rockets View
The Pelicans Fly, TheEagleHasNotLanded 130 Rockets View
Tony Brothers, pjones98 125 Rockets View
NEKalltheway, NEKalltheway 120 Rockets View
CirkusPicks2018, CirkusKolorado 120 Raptors View
bubbawubbadubba, bubbawubbadubba 110 Rockets View
Serious, serioususernames 105 Rockets View
Nuggets should replace Heat, David 105 Rockets View
WIN BRACK, Jaboris 95 Rockets View
the future , bananafingerer 90 Jazz View
The Process, mojofac 85 76ers View