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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Key Key, Keison Martin 360 Warriors View
Jake Vega, Jake Vega 350 Warriors View
D-Rock’s Bracket , Derek Spallone 340 Warriors View
RobSquad, RobSquad 320 Warriors View
The winner, Paul Tymous III 320 Warriors View
Twan, Twan 315 Warriors View
Prof. Buckets, Professor Buckets 315 Warriors View
Jay Thompson, Jay Thompson 310 Warriors View
No finals for Lebron , Mike Esquivel 305 Warriors View
The Don, VITO 300 Warriors View
Gentlemen’s sweep, Brad 300 Warriors View
Jellyfam, Mack Boogie 265 Warriors View
Ray Thomas, Ray Thomas 250 Warriors View
LeBron will lose eventually, Frank Castle 230 Warriors View
Y_Y_the_Shy_Guy, Wyatt Reed 205 Rockets View
T.O., Tyler obrien 185 Rockets View
Beastmike’s Bracket, Michael Anderson 185 Rockets View
Covert Coup, Rob Carter III 180 Cavaliers View
Brackets Are Me , C. Simpson 175 Rockets View
Miller in Colorado, Bradley Miller 170 Rockets View
DigIn Should Be In , Devon Humphry 170 Rockets View
Hopefully better then March madness , Richard 165 76ers View
Winning bracket , Carl 155 Cavaliers View
Winners bracket , MassTheGoat 150 Cavaliers View
BIG FACTS, Cash Ken 150 Thunder View
The Winner, Robert Butler 150 Thunder View
I am not a leader (Kd voice) , Gee Bonds 145 Cavaliers View
Laker Fan, Martel Demond Ousley 140 Thunder View
Fuck a LeBron, The Chef 130 Rockets View
Whopooted99, Whopooted99 130 Rockets View
#KINGSLAYERPETTY, Joey Moser 130 Rockets View
Miami Heat Swat Team , James DeHaan 110 Heat View
Trust the Procces, Luiz Fernando 100 Rockets View
Trey5, Aceboogie 65 Rockets View