Lemon Mint 2018

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Welcome to the Bracket Racket. Guess the NBA playoffs right and you'll make money, bragging rights, and get to talk shit to whoever lost. Last year had Zaza winning with 360 points, who is going to take the crown this year? Rules >$5 Buy-In per Bracket Submitted! >Submit as many brackets as you want! >Ties will lead to a split of the $$. Invite as many people as you want. >Money needs to be paid by Sunday the 15th.

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
jordan-crying.jpg, pi 370 Warriors View
Fukhin legend , Mark Rofail 230 Warriors View
Jaabless, Jaabless 220 Cavaliers View
Free Bobby, 631 215 Cavaliers View
Upset Utopia, pi 155 Rockets View
Milorad Čavić, Fady Salama 150 Rockets View
Charlie Sheen, Fady Salama 125 Rockets View
Jaabless 2, Jaabless 115 Thunder View
Harden for MVP, Karim Assaad 55 Rockets View