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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Amedeo sucks dick, Pope_of_dope 355 Warriors View
THE BALA, Alessandro Ballabio 325 Warriors View
catch u on the flipiddyflip, Georgios Pantalos 315 Warriors View
I'm right bitches, Olivier Barroso 240 Cavaliers View
uotasurprais, Big G 240 Warriors View
TrustBigG, Gioele Sala 210 Warriors View
Skrt. , Fabiano Crivelli 190 Rockets View
Y'all never had a chance. , SilverWhiteBackGorilla 185 Cavaliers View
ZKT, Giacomo Ferrari 180 Rockets View
The Truth, POPEWALLAS 170 Rockets View
Y'all can hate, StevensFTW 155 Celtics View
Bogio , Bogio 150 Cavaliers View
nochance, Gianniiiisss Mandralekounmpo 120 76ers View
Everyone can dream , Jason Hatch 95 Raptors View
K-enny, Gianluca Sandrinelli 70 Rockets View
but they're cute, Erica 60 Timberwolves View