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2018 Basketball Bracket Challenge is here! Make your picks, and let's see who is the best.

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
BKLive , Mikal Jones 355 Warriors View
It's Mueller Time!, Daniel Mueller 340 Warriors View
Cevatius Campbell, Cevatius Campbell 340 Warriors View
WesDodd, Wesley Dodd 335 Warriors View
Quentis Brown picks , Quentis Brown 335 Warriors View
Adamant victory , Adam 330 Warriors View
JR33D, Jonathan Reed Jr. 330 Warriors View
EliasOmar, Elias Omar Esgdaille 325 Warriors View
Waiting for the Knicks to make the playoffs , David Roy Carter 320 Warriors View
Kervin's Bracket, KERVIN 320 Warriors View
Bronxdaddy, Bronxdaddy 320 Warriors View
Kobe, Shane Morris 315 Warriors View
Rian, Ryan Gilmartin 315 Warriors View
Marcus Brown , Marcus Brown 305 Warriors View
DocHolliday, Doc Holliday 305 Warriors View
┬┐got sofrito?, Sonny Sofrito 300 Warriors View
Coldiron, Jason Coldiron 290 Warriors View
NbaRubidio, Ruben 275 Warriors View
Do you believe in life after love!!! (My girl named this), Marcel Brummell 275 Warriors View
The Champ is Here! , Keith Mason 260 Warriors View
Scalabrinepicks, ScalabrineGoat 255 Warriors View
Mad scientist , Mike Larry Tejada 250 Warriors View
Angel Aviles , Angel Aviles Jr. 225 Warriors View
I guessed, Still taking for Zion 210 Cavaliers View
EQ Breeeze Trucker, Eric Breeze 210 Rockets View
The Flash , Jerico The Flash 3 195 Rockets View
Lizzie Rhemi, Lizzie Rhemi 190 Cavaliers View
...we talkin 'bout PRACTICE?, Ruben Davis 185 Thunder View
Big Harve, Ronald Harvey 185 Cavaliers View
#TheBeardRun, Luis MoonMan Castaneda 175 Rockets View
GMan Wins, Gamal 175 Cavaliers View
Raw Dogs, Bear 165 Cavaliers View
Hosek , Kenny Hosek 165 Cavaliers View
Rameez bracket, Rameez Mahmood 160 Cavaliers View
Scottie Bees bracket, Scottie Bee 160 Rockets View
William 8ch Madness, Will Howard 155 Thunder View
FLASmitty, Ian Smith 155 Cavaliers View
J Trini Gittens , Justin Gittens 155 Cavaliers View
Infamousbutterz, Randall Legions 155 Cavaliers View
Blackout555, Robert Blakout Shepherd 155 Thunder View
The REAL Bracket , Jonathan Perez 145 Rockets View
OKC NBA Champs, MizzyBlanco 145 Thunder View
Felipe's Gun to His Head Bracket, Felipe Melecio 140 Rockets View
Trust the Process Queen , Sandra Rivera 140 76ers View
Kick Ass Incorporated , Brian DocThe Most 135 Rockets View
George Waters / BINGE, BASKETBALLwhisperer 130 Rockets View
Ewing66 , Lobo Presents 125 Rockets View
TimberBulls, Bigg Sos 115 Rockets View
Straight to the chip, Dot Johnson 95 Thunder View
Sonny Marbury, Freddie Rios 75 Timberwolves View