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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Jiby, Jiby 355 Warriors View
NBA, Urbian 335 Warriors View
Whoop there it is , WHOOPASS 325 Warriors View
EZ Win, Mike Visser 325 Warriors View
Round 4, datdim 325 Warriors View
milk or be milked, milk or be milked 320 Warriors View
BK, Bryan Keur 315 Warriors View
nba, Jonathan 295 Warriors View
esketittt, Wyroneb 290 Warriors View
Justblaze, Micky Lekatompessij 285 Warriors View
Play-offs Jeroen , Jeroen vdB 280 Warriors View
Bracket of year, LG 280 Warriors View
Luuk's bracket, Luuk 275 Warriors View
biily bracket, biilybatson 275 Warriors View
go cry lababy, jerry antipas 270 Warriors View
Trill, OFNtrillden 270 Warriors View
NoahHessel, Noah Goggle 265 Warriors View
Otte, Ottedam 250 Cavaliers View
Arild, Arild 245 Warriors View
Roy Bracket, Roy 240 Cavaliers View
Brinell, Brinell Arcanjo 235 Warriors View
Jim, Jim 220 Rockets View
Lavar, Keyshawn Gunning 220 Warriors View
Nicky, Nicky 215 Rockets View
Olav, Olav Scholten 215 Rockets View
Joris bracket, Joris Metz 210 Rockets View
SmoothPapiJames, Jamie Bergens 205 Cavaliers View
Hope, LOL 200 Cavaliers View
ADA , Lucas Faijdherbe 200 Bucks View
Winning , Kasper3 190 Rockets View
rene, Rene Vlaanderen 190 Warriors View
ryansbracket, Ryan Hernandez 190 Rockets View
Rockkkkkkkk, Robert Boezeman 185 Rockets View
Sws, Mikitad 185 Cavaliers View
JFREE, JL 185 Cavaliers View
NBA 2k18, The_Johnson52 185 Rockets View
playoffs247, Boaz 180 Rockets View
NBAIV, Ivan 180 Rockets View
Rachello, Rachello 180 Cavaliers View
Playoffs, Faraaz 175 Rockets View
Lois, Lois 175 Rockets View
palm, Jerome 175 Cavaliers View
Erwin, Erwin 170 Rockets View
Toe maarrr, Moreno Conrad 170 Rockets View
Snors, Snors 170 Rockets View
Sander de Ruiter, Sander de Ruiter 170 Rockets View
W, Anes Tuffour 165 Rockets View
NBA Playoffs 2018, Peter Slokker 165 Rockets View
Clem's Picks, Clemente Jones 160 Rockets View
Malevy , Malevy Leons 160 Cavaliers View
nba, Jordy 155 Cavaliers View
Gokje, Jenderbender 150 Rockets View
Timo w's Bracket, Timo Slond 150 Rockets View
PhilipO.M., PhilipO.M. 145 Rockets View
Brains, Brian ten Bosch 145 Rockets View
Easyyy W’s, Eloi 145 Thunder View
Hamza, Hamza Guner 145 Rockets View
EricChamp, EricS 145 Cavaliers View
BLT Babyyyyy, Brik 145 Rockets View
Jaxons picks, Jaxon Collier Broms 140 Raptors View
Only buckets, Emmsbarkie 140 Rockets View
Yungsander, SanderSpaans 140 Thunder View
Romano's bracket, Romano Sibilo 135 Rockets View
The Truth, Dulguun 130 Raptors View
ebenezer, Ebenezer 130 Rockets View
Denzel's Top Bracket, Denzel Ndongosi 120 Rockets View
Jellefam, Jelle 120 Rockets View
IkWilKaas, Max 115 Rockets View
KennyUG88, Triplethreat k 115 Rockets View
Anouar, Anouar Mellouk 105 Rockets View
Thunder champs, Thomas Steenbergen 100 Thunder View
#theupset, Yanna Franke 95 Rockets View
East/west?, Matti fam 70 Raptors View
Dion, Dion 10 Not selected View
Job, Jesper 0 Not selected View
Mike's Brackets, Mike Backer 0 Not selected View
playoffs247, Ivannwd 0 Not selected View