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Entry, Owner Score Champion
my2cents, Maya Barak 365 Warriors View
Easy Win, chen arnon 340 Warriors View
Bracketom, Tom Kibutzny 335 Warriors View
galgol, amit sherf 330 Warriors View
yonatan_to_the_win, yonatan 330 Warriors View
TheSplashBracket, Tomer Lippin 325 Warriors View
Aviv's Ninjas, Aviv the winner 320 Warriors View
Sahar's Bracket, Sahar_F 310 Warriors View
nicksruleall, or david malachi 310 Warriors View
the Champ is back, Tal N. Doron 310 Warriors View
Daniel's bracket, Daniel Shichman 305 Warriors View
neil, Neil Orly 300 Warriors View
amosber, Amos Bercovich 295 Warriors View
Gadi's Bracket, Gadi Berqowitz 290 Warriors View
Alex kvitnitsky, Alex Kvitnitsky 290 Warriors View
Benny'sWieners, Benny 280 Warriors View
Eli H, Eli 280 Warriors View
#TrustTheProcess, Gil Ganel 275 Warriors View
Operation Rock !!! Hy, WSC Sports Technologies 270 Warriors View
EvenABotWouldBeBetter, Matan Navon 270 Warriors View
Tzahi, Tzahi Greenberg 270 Warriors View
randomrand - Tal, Tal Yannay 265 Warriors View
Yehuda , Yehuda Barad 250 Warriors View
Yariv's Bracket, Yariv Malkai 215 Cavaliers View
Deadpool, Chen mor 210 Cavaliers View
Uri, Uria 205 Rockets View
The Common bracket, Shaharco 205 Rockets View
basad, Not Tony 205 Celtics View
Tal Lempert Harden Era, Tal Lempert 205 Rockets View
Meir TTP, Meir Rosenschein 195 76ers View
amitro1234, Amit Rosen 185 Rockets View
Danishi, Daniel Shay 185 Cavaliers View
אפרתי, Oz Efraty 185 Rockets View
Shmul's, Shmulik Yoffe 180 Rockets View
dagani, dagnichz 160 Cavaliers View
FuckThisI'llPlayJorky, Shani Cohen 155 Thunder View
Scottie Pippen, Amnon 140 Rockets View
Amar Rockets, Daniel Amar 130 Rockets View
Heydar (Monkey), Heydar Katz 125 Rockets View
Shit Happens, Liran Levy 125 Rockets View