Count the Dings

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these edibles ain't shit

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Zack Rowling, The Real Ding King 385 Warriors View
weed is legal, Bennett 350 Warriors View
Tanner1, Tanner 350 Warriors View
dmar1, DMar 345 Warriors View
Sad realistic wolves fan, Aaron S 340 Warriors View
ryan's bracket, ryan 340 Warriors View
Samaha, Michael Samaha 335 Warriors View
Lebron's 15th NBA Season , nick velazquez 335 Warriors View
PhantomDings, Neil 330 Warriors View
The Hardish R, MarcusNyce 330 Warriors View
Don't Look At This Bracket, Marc Malabanan 325 Warriors View
2018, Jeff Takemoto 325 Warriors View
4 and 2, JoãoCosta 325 Warriors View
Avid river rafter bracket of destiney , Adam Bomb 320 Warriors View
tj mcconnell with the sauce, AB 315 Warriors View
Purpnuggz, Ethan K 315 Warriors View
Clunched the Bracket, Tiffany Lee 315 Warriors View
Wrong side of cookietown , Robb Teron 315 Warriors View
Brrrraaa(cke)ttt, Motez Musa 310 Warriors View
IsoLou’s picks , Laurent Kasole 310 Warriors View
DerozanSucks, Josh 305 Warriors View
Wesley’s Bracket, Wesley Johnston 290 Warriors View
WORP, McNamara 285 Warriors View
Guwop, Callmeguwop 285 Warriors View
r0bato , r0bato 280 Warriors View
Vibhish, Vibhish Raghuraman 275 Warriors View
Coal world, Cole Irwin 270 Warriors View
No Hoop For You, MetalHoopsHead 270 Warriors View
Where’s my Chicken Dinner?, Wolfe Bedford 270 Warriors View
Spring Senselessness , C West 265 Warriors View
George Bush probably had something to do with 9/11, U L T R A 260 Warriors View
What will happen, Russell Westgoat 260 Warriors View
#TakeNote • Tyler Kenney, #TakeNote • Tyler Kenney 250 Warriors View
peetah, ptran 250 Warriors View
Jade's Reckless Roll, jaderamus 245 Warriors View
House of Quincy, BC Kyle 245 Warriors View
Yerrrrrrrr, Asa Domolky 245 Warriors View
J willy, Jason 240 Warriors View
Warcat937 , Sean john 215 Cavaliers View
Krsthms, Krsthms 210 Warriors View
Which one of y'all is coming in second?, Caleb Landmesser 205 Cavaliers View
What Up Doe, Ryan Macik 200 Cavaliers View
Giannis Jordan, dwulff414 195 Rockets View
Playoffs, Baseel 190 Rockets View
Timbo Trusts The Process, Timbo Slice 185 76ers View
donald stonesifer, Donald Stone Breaker 180 Rockets View
Ozelinho, Ozelinho 160 Rockets View
ChangedChangedMindMind, Table 155 Rockets View
Poetmaster, Anthony Canton III 145 Rockets View
Montavious Ellison Monday, Rest_ur_anklez 145 Rockets View
hope2clunch, JS 135 Rockets View
correct picks, dh 135 Cavaliers View
Boom, Tranvir Singh 130 Raptors View
Shaqeem's Dream, Shaqeem 110 Rockets View
Pat Riley the gawd, johndemartino 110 Rockets View
It's Crazy, but Maybe!, The Sarcastic Asset 100 Rockets View
Our Time, •Dazed• 95 Raptors View
Fucket, The_Boshtrich 70 Rockets View